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This is a multi-directional shooter video game.The player controls the tank SWORD, DAGGER or LANCE, must destroy enemy tanks before they arrived to the line of defense.Player has two weapons: direct fire and high angle fire. The direct fire has short range and attacks very quickly, bat it blocked by the wall. The high angle fire has very long range and attack enemies over the walls, bat it works very slow.While playing the game, the player tank has two white rings. The small ring indicates the range of direct fire, touch in the ring to attack. The large ring indicates the range of high angle fire. Touch in the area between two rings, to make a Lock-On and attack with high angle fire.-- Paid Version contains 50 stages and 3 player tanks, without Ad. Free Version contains only 10 stages and 1 player tank, with Ad.****** Please tell us the name of your device if you found a problem****** Known bugs:*** - some alpha blending images appear too dark*** - fails to start the game on some devices***
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